December 14, 2008

One Step At a Time

My brother and I wanted to do the unthinkable today. Hey Dao! let's go run a half marathon! I'd never before and actually felt a bit reluctant, I had a small blister on my left foot from trying out a new running shoe. My trusty gray pumas still work better. Tow hours, battery acid, legs, and chest palpitations later we arrived back where we started and I lept to sap the stop sign. We had covered 14 miles and I was giddy with disbelief. It's nice when you can still surprise yourself.

I was sore and yet ecstatic and pulled a "brandi chastain" - tore off my jacket, shirt, shoes, socks, sunglasses. I celebrated by screaming unintelligible sounds at nothing in particular. My brother laughed.

Ken says everyone he loves is leaving him. His kids and former spouse are possibly going back to Mexico. I'm headed up to Dallas to share some precious moments with them. My baby sister moved up to New Jersey for a new life. I wish her wisdom and happiness. And I am slowly transition to Austin for love myself.

The run taught me some things. Expect challenges. the road is not always easy and smooth, However, if you press on, there is beauty unimaginable waiting for you on the other side. In my case, on the run a magical creek bed that I had not know existed. My brother and I lost each other somewhere along mile 3 and found each other again around mile 9. I was so happy to see him and he gave me a much needed physical and emotional boost. It's true, there is strength to be found with the right people. I had promised myself not to give up and the promise propelled me through, that and gummy bears...yes we eat while we run for quick energy.

There are certain legs of the run where you get a second wind. Life has a way of changing one's perspective, one's experience of it. When you get close to the end, there is definitely a second boost. Im almost there! we say to ourselves. Just put one foot in front of the other...